emery lord in black calligraphy
Black typewriter with  piece of paper that says hello


I didn’t necessarily like art museums as


four years ago on Thanksgiving, this guy got dumped at a kill shelter in rural Ohio

Happy Memorial Day from Stars Hollow

Monday mindset ☕️☕️☕️

Witch Barbie vibes 💅🏼

the mail has been so good to me this week 💖

today is ok

post-migraine treat yoself - pineapple habanero jam & ricotta on 12 grain 🍍🌶🍞🌼

petition to skip Daylight Savings Time this year

How can I support you in civic engagemen

I am glad I live on this weird floating

I'm going to bed

excellent profile of the queen

Cialis commercial 🤗

yesterday, before our 15 hour travel day 🙃🙃🙃 it was a simpler time


life hack_ the girls you want in your life are the ones who know cocktails & fries are a lunchtime g

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the mail has been so good to me this week 💖