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My favorite pancake recipe, after years of research. I usually add chocolate chips. This has nothing to do with anything; I just want you to be happy.  

To the right is a piece of art by author/designer Ashley Poston, based on my writing/life motto. Just in case you need it.

Hometown recommendations (Cincinnati, Ohio)

-Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Blue Manatee & the library, obviously. All have story times for little ones. 

-The CAC- downtown & free. If you only have 10 minutes to spare, ride the elevator to the top floor. The button will say "un." Just trust me.

-Walking tour of our many murals


Coffee Emporium if you're downtown / Brick or Deeper Roots if you're near Joseph Beth/Blue Manatee. 


Tacos at Django in Northside, fried chicken at the Eagle. For a full/multi-course meal, Please is my #1 favorite. Also Sartre, Anchor, Zula, 


Rhinegeist for beer, Sundry & Vice for cocktails.

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